For the love of dog

The second of the back to back films for Carl Stella, This was a comedy starring dean Cartmel and Alistair fearson. I scored a beautiful meditation music track and sound designed the film, Joel Taylor of Join the amish provided an amazing credits thrash track titled ” Holiday Punk Vs Corporate Routine”.  

The biggest challenge was ADR given that some crickets made their way into Alistairs shots and broke continuity. We got their and he was a trooper to go through the process.

Im not sure what Carl plans for the films as he is now living in japan, regardless it was great to work with him again.




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This week I have started contract work for SBS at the Acmi building in the City. I am audio producing voice over and sound designing for Radio, TV and a giant range of different outputs. The team is great and the studio is comfortable, I’ll be there on and off for the next two years as my contract allows. It’s very fast paced and long days but the talent are excellent and it’s pretty interesting to hear up to 14 different languages in a day.


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MIFF 2014

I am very happy to have a film I sound edited and Mixed in MIFF this year.  It was great to work with Director Matt Richards again and for the first time with writer/actor Nicholas Denton.


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MIUC 15/07/14

I had a great time this Tuesday at the Make it up club in fitzroy, Michael and i used our sounds from Menindee and the fed bells we still have mixed with live looping, harmonica and nylon guitar for the performance.

The blurb below describes it all with typical Lloyd Honeybrook gusto.

“This edition of MIUC is another delectably variegated evening awash with subtleties of sonic shading and tonal tints, blended together by three duos of textural chisellers into a vibrant auditory rainbow arcing through ears and brains. Ryan Granger & Michael O’Dwyer fuse the pure tones of Melbourne’s Federation Handbells with relocated sounds from the plains of country NSW via both digital and analog means, tinting the air with ecstatic post-locational ambience. Ben Kolaitis introduces his sculptural electroacoustic assemblages to Jon Smeathers’ metaphysical guitar blasts with the intention of collectively transcending sonic abstraction and evoking afferent smiles with sounds. And string caressers Tim Panaretos & Aaron Wallace make it up together for the first time on the mainland, exploring the complex harmonic properties of the vibrating string for the benefit of your auditory cortex.”

• Ryan Granger (& Michael O’Dwyer (Bells, Synth, Laptop)

• Ben Kolaitis (Handmade Instruments) & Jon Smeathers (Guitar, Electronics)

• Tim Panaretos (Guitar) & Aaron Wallace (Guitar)


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There’s always time for Basketball

One of two back to back films for Director Carl Stella.

I composed a score using the federation handbells still borrowed for the Light in Winter festival amongst other bits and pieces. The score is quite minimal but a bit of a through back to 60’s morricone style (i wish as awesome).

I also sound designed with some help from Chris Grant who is a bit of a gun.

it’s very short and i have already started Carl’s next film which i will post about soon (of course)


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Light in Winter festival

Good friend Micheal O’Dwyer and I were asked to contribute to this years Light in Winter festival with a composition for the federation handbells. For four nights 4/10/11/17 in june we will perform our 10 minute piece in federation square melbourne to kick of the evenings festivities. We use cello Bows and natural elements from the area to activate the bells and present a less traditional method of the bells acoustic capabilities.

As Michael puts it:

“Tonight we summon elements of Birrarung Marr’s past, present and future, amplifying the fluidity of time into shards of shimmering magic.”

We had our first performance last night and it was smooth and fun, the radiant line exhibition co incising is a must see, very impressive metal structure and light work.

more info here:  federation-handbells




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Black Pearl Recording studios

I was out and about today with Joel Taylor (pictured) at Black pearl recording studios in Moorabbin, I have never seen such a collection of analog and digital gear under the same roof, Hammond B3 organ, Rhodes, a 72 SSL 4000E, huge range of Mics and guitar amps to re amp anything! It has a nice sounding live room that is almost sounds like it could be Ocean Way!

I took a couple of happy snaps of Joel and the gear because i am a geek.

If anyone is interested in this space here is the web page.

Black Pearl

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