SWEAT phase 2

We worked hard for the Sweat short sound design and finally got it in the bag. A film about progression and technological advance with no music and no dialogue, always a treat for a sound designer!

Rodd Rathjen was amazing to work with and I met some really cool people on both the shoot and post. Always great to work with Robbie McEwan as producer extraordinaire.

Chris Grant and Adam Hunt were on board as editors and recorders and i worked closely with Rodd for around three days mixing. Hopefully it gets on the circuit and we can see it on the big screen!


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Myself and jade Myconos have been sitting on a track for a while we wrote for the closing credits of the upcoming short film “Straw Walkers” by Jordan Wippell.

Thought it would be good to share as i had so much fun recording and mixing it. We used bottles to produce low tones and i pitched them into various octaves and auto tuned them, we then sung the main melody over jades words.

Seems the film may be solemn ;)

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Best Sound award at Canberra short film festival

Very stoked to have won the “Best Sound”  for “Burrow” at the Canberra short film festival.

Its been just on a year since i worked on this picture and i am happy it still has legs!

It also marks my second best sound award this year, i love how films get awards but no one else, like “best house cleaning” award etc.

anyway thats for another blog.


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Flashlight at the fringe

I just finished up Lauren Simmonds Flashlight in the fringe festival this year.  Lauren creates interesting sculptures and sound texture from paper and plastics and fuses them together in performance dance using light and darkness.   We trialled a few things but came up with using lapel mic’s and a loop station to amplify the live sound she was creating. I operated delays, reverbs, music cues and pre recorded sound design from the desk to give it some life and movement. it was a great show and i have a renewed appreciation for live performance and theatre.

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Small Voices Louder.

I just spent a week at the Arts Centre melbourne rubbing shoulders with the bourgeois.

I was part of a development for Alex Desebrocks Project “small voices Louder”. Using a 2 part structure the project aims to bring the voices of the young to the ears of the adults. By asking a series of question in the part one stage through games and “tents” the young people answer questions such as “what os the difference between children and adults and ‘what does the world need to hear” etc which are recorded.

We worked on a way of using these recordings to show an adult audience the experience of the child. Its was great and i met some cool other Sound designers and audio gurus, Thom Browning, Robert Jordan and Sharyn Brand. We worked hard and got some really cool results. Only one fish died during the process, which was sad for all.

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For the love of dog

The second of the back to back films for Carl Stella, This was a comedy starring dean Cartmel and Alistair fearson. I scored a beautiful meditation music track and sound designed the film, Joel Taylor of Join the amish provided an amazing credits thrash track titled ” Holiday Punk Vs Corporate Routine”.  

The biggest challenge was ADR given that some crickets made their way into Alistairs shots and broke continuity. We got their and he was a trooper to go through the process.

Im not sure what Carl plans for the films as he is now living in japan, regardless it was great to work with him again.




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This week I have started contract work for SBS at the Acmi building in the City. I am audio producing voice over and sound designing for Radio, TV and a giant range of different outputs. The team is great and the studio is comfortable, I’ll be there on and off for the next two years as my contract allows. It’s very fast paced and long days but the talent are excellent and it’s pretty interesting to hear up to 14 different languages in a day.


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