The disappearance of Willie Bingham

I spent a week location recording for Matt Richard’s Screen Australia funded film “The disappearance of Willie Bingham”. It was a long week spent filming around Royal park hospital, a creepy unused section of a functioning hospital, a primary school and Pentridge prison.  I was able to work with good friend Ben Bomitali who helped my process immensely.

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I just finished up the Sound design and mix for director Daniel Portos film “Charlie”. A well shot little thriller that has some dark and funny moments, good acting and some great sound mounts to sink our teeth into. We are delivering everything in 5.1 now as well, so that has had some interesting experiments and results.

As always Adam hunt came to the party and did some excellent work on the film.


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Trailer Tunes

I recently channelled my inner Arvo Part to score a trailer titled “what dreams may come” for an upcoming television documentary. The program follows the life of terminally ill cancer patients, it was quite sad, so i made quite sad (but hopefully empathetic) orchestral arrangements for the piece.

It was great to compose as it had been a lot of SD and live installation and a couple of months between comp gigs.


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After a mad rush in the states for a month i settled back into studio live with a few days at SBS and this cool animation for University of NSW discussing entry to tertiary education for marginalised youth. The animation was done by Michael Greany and looks amazing. adam and I had to be quite subtle to let the VO work and the animation “pop” for directory type words).

Will post a link asap




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SWEAT phase 2

We worked hard for the Sweat short sound design and finally got it in the bag. A film about progression and technological advance with no music and no dialogue, always a treat for a sound designer!

Rodd Rathjen was amazing to work with and I met some really cool people on both the shoot and post. Always great to work with Robbie McEwan as producer extraordinaire.

Chris Grant and Adam Hunt were on board as editors and recorders and i worked closely with Rodd for around three days mixing. Hopefully it gets on the circuit and we can see it on the big screen!


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Myself and jade Myconos have been sitting on a track for a while we wrote for the closing credits of the upcoming short film “Straw Walkers” by Jordan Wippell.

Thought it would be good to share as i had so much fun recording and mixing it. We used bottles to produce low tones and i pitched them into various octaves and auto tuned them, we then sung the main melody over jades words.

Seems the film may be solemn ;)

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Best Sound award at Canberra short film festival

Very stoked to have won the “Best Sound”  for “Burrow” at the Canberra short film festival.

Its been just on a year since i worked on this picture and i am happy it still has legs!

It also marks my second best sound award this year, i love how films get awards but no one else, like “best house cleaning” award etc.

anyway thats for another blog.


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