Uber (Oh yeah Wow) TVC . Supervising sound designer

Optus Regional  (Oh yeah wow) TVC, Supervising sound designer.

Slurpee (Stanley & Morph) 3 x web spots. Sound design, VO engineer, MIX

Breville Kitchen Whizz Pro 15 (Oh yeah Wow) 10 x web spots 1 x 3min demo. Supervising sound designer

Bikes of Wrath (Dir. Cameron ford) Documentary feature, 7 part TV series: Dialogue editor

ANZ (Oh yeah wow) 4 x 15 sec pre roll: sound designer, re record mix.

Dulux (Stanley & Morph): 2 x 15sec web spots: Supervising sound designer

Rey (Dir. Luke Saliba) 15min Short . Supervising Sound design, Re-record Mixer

World Vision Australia (The royals): 6 x 2min web spots: sound designer, re-record mixer

Deakin, Sleep like an elite sports person (the Royals): Supervising sound designer, re-record mix, VO engineer

T2: (Dir. Antoung Nguyen) Teamaker, Jug a lot hero films, 3 x products.

Taungurong  First People of the Rivers and the Mountains: (feature documentary) Winding Road Entertainment: Supervising sound editor

Serving Joy (Dir. Martin Sharpe) 15min Short. Supervising Sound design, Re-record Mixer

Creative Victoria (Oh yeah Wow): 3 min web spot, Supervising sound designer, re-record engineer.

Lost and Found (Screen Australia. Dir. Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe): Sound supervisor, Re record mixer.

Sesame St: 10 brave knights (Sesame workshop): VO engineer.

20Squared VR Work Experience (Carben creative): VR audio engineer, Location recordist.

8 bar iced coffee: (John Pace) 30sec/15sec web: Sound design,  MIX

Tinnitus Hearsmart: (Dir. Sam Lewis): VO engineer, Sound design, composition, Re-record mix

White pages (The Royals): Psycho 30sec  4 x pre roll: Location recordist, VO engineer, Sound design and Re record mixer.

CPA (Dir. Derry Sheehan) 2 x 2min Brand video: Location recordist, MIX

Sovereign Hill (3 x 1min 4 x 15sec, 1 x OP59 TVC) (Fiction Films, Dir. Natalie James). Sound design, Re record mix.

Tetanus: (dept of Education and Training): sound design, Composition, Mix.

Deakin University Car Wars (Cory Doctorow,The Royals): Audio book, Composition, sound design, MIX

SBS Melbourne (ongoing): (Various Radio/Television): Audio Producer

City Of Melbourne (The Royals): (Web spots 3 x 30sec): Location sound, Sound Design, VO casting/production, MIX

Arts Center (Tooth and Claw) : TVC OP-59, radio/web mix, Nation wide campaign

T2: (Antuong Nguyen) How to spots x 4: Location sound, Sound design and MIX

Arts Trail Docklands (Creative Hat): VO production, edit and Mix.


Sesame St: C is for Counting (Sesame workshop, Oh yeah wow): Vo recording, Sound design, Mix

Optus: Endless entertainment: (TVC, Oh yeah wow, EXIT): Supervising sound designer, Re-record mixer.

The Katering show (ABC ): New years eve special: Location recordist.

Heritage seeds: (TVC, Carben Creative): Sound design, MIX

Real Juice (Pre roll WEB, The Royals): Location recordist, Sound design, MIX

KENO (Web pre roll, Dir John pace) Sopund design, MIX

Hide to Heart (Short Documentary, Dir. Joshua Heath) Sound design, MIX

Uniqlo (short animation,Oh yeah wow) : Sound design, MIX

Appomate: (web spot, Carben creative): Location sound, sound design, MIX

The Katering show (ABC i View) Location sound (promo), DVD outtakes post sound edit.

Being (music video, Oh yeah Wow), Sound design, MIX

Green Grass (Short film, Dir Harry Arnosten): Location recordist, Dialogue editor, Pre dub Mix

Melbourne Theatre company: (web trailers season 2017, Prod.Tooth and Claw): Sound designer, Re-recording mixer.

Arts Trail Docklands: (Creative hat interpretation): Audio production

Mercedes Benz: (web spots, prod, the Royals) Location sound recordist, Sound designer, Re-record mixer.

LA MER: TVC Campaign 12spots: Dialogue edit and Mix for CALM ATSC A/85  spec.

Brown paper bag: (short film-Youthworx): Supervising sound designer, Re-record mixer.

The Neon Spectrum (feature) Dir. Lee Galea: Sound designer, Re- recording Mixer

Reach Out (short animation) Dir. Michael Greaney: Sound designer, re recording mixer

True North (Feature Documentary ) Dir. Hannah Moore: Sound design, Re record mix)

ANZ (15sec and 30sec web spot, Oh Yeah Wow): Sound design, Re record Mix.

iTours Melbourne Walk (SBS): Recording Engineer, Sound design, MIX

Bordetella Pertussis and Whooping Cough (dept of Education and Training): sound design, Composition, Mix.

Sensis-“Don’t ask Susan” (8 x web commercials (isobar)  Dir. John pace , Location recordist, sound edit and MIX

DrumMuster (Education) Prod: The Guerin group: Sound designer, Re record mix

Fixd (Brand video, Oh yeah wow) Dir. Josh Thomas: sound design dialogue edit and Mix

POP (Short Animation) Dir. Henry Bulleen: Sound design

Energy Australia (Trade creative- 2min pricing spot) Sound design and MIX

White pages (Royals) 7min brand video, Location sound, sound design, Mix

Dairymont (Dir. Cam Ford): Product promo spot, Sound  design and Mix.

Goodall and Gallagher (sketch comedy) Sound design and mix

SBS Melbourne: (Various Radio/Television): Audio Producer

White pages (online promo 3 x 1:30 spots)) Flappy man Location sound, sound design and mix

Varilux (trade creative 2 x 1min promo spots) Sound design and MIX

Sleep to Dream (Short, Dir David Nguyen) Sound design and Mix

ARIEL #Share the load (C4productions) VO record,edit, Mix

Creswick (Short) Dir Natalie James: Sound design, Re-Record Mixer

Deakin Alumni Project (Deakin University, The Royals, Carben creative) 6 x short character bio (web): Location recordist, sound design and Mix.

ELLOURA (TVC and radio campaign) Stanley and Morph: VO record, Radio mix, Sound design and TVC mix

Care Australia (TVC and radio campaign) Carben creative: VO record, radio Mix, Sound design nd TVC mix


Wormholes (Screen Vic animation short) Dir. Michael Greaney: Composition, Sound design, Re-record mixer

The Way Home (Short, Live action) Dir. Carl Stella: Sound design, Re-record mix.

Movement. (Australian film commission web series) prod. Lucy Hayes. Sound design supervisor, re-record mixer.

Supaphresh (Nickelodeon Pilot series EP 1-5 and Game Audio: production company, Oh yeah wow) Sound Designer, Pre-lay Engineer, Re Record mixer.

The Spring (short animation) Dir, Xin li. Sound designer, re-record mixer.

Meet the smash crew (Deakin University, The Royals, Carben) Sound Design, Re-Record mix, sound mixer.

The (Reverse) Pitch (Isobar campaign spot) Dir. John Pace. Sound Mixer.

Pure Blonde TVC. (Clemenger BBDO) Sound designer, re-mix for OP-59, Location recordist.

Boy and bear (Music Video) Dir. Josh Thomas. Sound designer, Re-mix record, Location sound mixer

Spot Jobs TVC Dir. Josh Thomas. Composer, Sound Designer, VO recordist, Re-mix for OP59.

Aircrash Investigations: Season 15 Ep 8: Location sound mixer.

Barry Plant TVC (Oh yeah wow): Re Record Mixer (OP-59)

SBS Melbourne: (Radio/Television): Audio Producer

Ebay Web spot: Dir Andrew Goldsmith: Location Mixer.

The dissaprenace of Willie Bingham: : (short Film, Screen Australia) Dir Matt Richards: Location mixer, VO recordist

City of Melbourne: Venue Operations coordinator ArtPlay and Signal (acting 1 month)

As Good as New (Short. Dir David Nguyen) Sound re record mixer, Sound Design, sound mixer.

Brother Burger Cinema Commercial Dir. John Tummino (Stanley and Morph). Sound designer, Dialogue editor, Location mixer and re record mixer.

Bunyips and Dragons (National Gallery of Victoria interview selection): Dialogue edit, Sound design, Re-mixer.

Children of the Sun. Dir. Kelly West ( VACCA, YouthWorx): Sound design, Dialogue editor, Re-record mixer

Deakin University: (Storylab and Royals): Cadet Experiments: Location Mixer

National Gallery of Victoria: John Wolosley exhibition interview: Location mixer

 Suncorp corporate video “Masks”: prod. Storylab: Sound designer,Location Mixer

Pretty little things: (feature) dir. Chris and Rob Smellin: Location mixer/boom op

Gelibolu: (Short) Dir. Nilgun Guvan: Sound mixer

Summer Salt festival: FOH operator and engineer

CHARLIE (short) Dir. Daniel Porto. Sound design, re: record mixer.


UNSW PREP (short animation)  Dir. Melvin Montalban. Sound design, re record mixer.

Gary & Gabe (Short film  promotion for samsung galaxy S5): Dir Darcy Prendergast, produced Oh yeah Wow: Sound design, re record mixer.

What Dreams may come, three journeys through the end of life (Trailer): Composition

GRLZZ: (short film):  Dir. Lucy Gouldthorpe. Sound Design, Re-record mixer.

The Golden Gum nut: (short film) Dir. Nathan Ceddia. Sound design, Composition, Re-record mixer.

Granger, O Dwyer, Long play: (Live performance) Federation handbells/electronics.

Flashlight: (fringe festival) by Lauren Simmons. Sound Design, system operator

Granger, O Dwyer, Disco Beans: (Live performance)

Small Voices Louder: (Installation/Exhibition) Project leader. Alex Desebrock. Project development, Sound design, Composition.

Granger, O Dwyer, Brunswick St Gallery: (Live performance)

In a State: (Short Film 27min) Dir. David Nguyen. Sound design, Re- Record Mixer.

SBS Melbourne: (Radio/Television): Audio Producer

Sweat: (short Film, Screen Australia) Dir. Rodd Rathjen, Sound design, Re- record mixer

For the Love of Dog: (Short Film) Dir. Carl Stella, Composition, Sound design, Re-recording mix

MIUC 15/07/14: (performance) w/ Michael O’Dwyer

Light in Winter festival: (performance) Fedration Handbell composition.

There’s always time for basketball: (short film) Dir. Carl Stella, Composition, sound design, Re-recording mix

Amarillo (E.P): Record/Mix.

Side Show Alley Segment, bears Den: Mix engineer

Recipe for community: (Exhibition) St Heliers gallery. head phone and Multi speaker sound work.

153 musicians for Bimblebox Nature Refuge: (Sound and sculpture installation): Curated by Alison Clouston and Boyd: Sound Art Interpretation of the Black Falcon.

Returning to Guugu Yimithirr Sea Country – The Pelican Hope Vale Project :(Documentary) Dir. Kelly West: Sound editor, Re recording mixer

Hands Like Houses : (music video)  Dir. Josh Ayett: Sound design. re-recording Mixer

RABBIT: (short film) Dir. Matt Richards: Sound designer, Re-recording mixer.

FROGGA: (short film/installation) Dir. Nathan Ceddia, Composition, Sound design, Mix

Artworks and Exchanges: (Exhibition: Bridget Nicholson), Multi speaker installation and Audio Producer

Dis-Placed Melbourne Immigration Museum: (Exhibition:Bridget Nicholson), Multi speaker installation and Audio Producer


No Company (short film) Dir. Ben Morgan. Sound Designer/Mix

MYMY (short film) Dir. Anna Helme. Sound designer

Bridge Project (3 x short film) Project synthesis. Sound design, Mix

Me and Them (animation short) Dir. Ariel Victor: Composition, sound design, mix

SneezeArt (installation film) Dir. Nathan Ceddia: Composer/sound Design/Mix

Beast (Short Film) Dir. Darcy Prendergast . Producer Oh Yeah Wow: Composition, Sound design, Mix

Just Passing Through  (Documentary). Dir, Thomas Hyland : Sound Mix

TIPOD (Web Ad) Dir. Tim Bathurst: Composer, Sound designer, Dialogue editor and Mix.

Burrow (Short film 16min) Dir. Natalie James: Sound designer, Dialogue editor

Blood and Sugar (Short Film 12min) Dir. Carl Stella : Composer, Sound designer, Dialogue editor.

Glory Box Paradise (Finucane & Smith): Music editor, Sound design.

AIA’s got talent, (Pine Fresh Media) : Location recording and Mix engineer.

Beehive (Short) Dir. Alistair Wharton:   ADR recordist

Radish (Video/Installation) By Diego Ramirez : Composition. (Nominated for best Contemporary artwork, Substation art prize 2013)

Northern Exposure Festival: OpenLAB, Shoppe Experimente.
Electronic and new media artists
Opening night.  
Live performance w/ Ben Kolaitis

DrumMuster (TVC) Dir. Matt Richards: Composer, Sound designer ,Dialogue recording/editor, Mix

Chinjoni (Short Film) Dir. Cam Matherson : Sound designer/Mixer

Say No to Subtitles (Short film) Dir. Jordan Wipell : Composer

Mae Trio : Live recording/Mix engineer

Side Show Alley Segment, Nathaniel Rateliff: Mix engineer

Choosing for yourself films (shorts) Dir. Nilgun Guven.  Dave’s artful choices, In Sarah’s own time, inclusion Melbourne and RMIT University, funded by the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs: Composer

Australian Council:  Artstart Grant Recipient

Now More Than Ever (Theatre) Dir, Marcel Dorney: Sound designer

Pearl (Short film) Dir. Storey weavers : Composition, Sound Design.

To See with Both Eyes (Documentary), Dir, Michael O’Dwyer: Composer/Sound designer/Mixer

No Vacancy Gallery QV,(Exhibition) Tidings of hope: Composition, 4 channel diffusion system

The Breezeway, Sacred Heart Laundries, Abbotsford Convent,(Exhibition):Witness  (Bridget Nicholson), Multi speaker installation and Audio producer

Side Show Alley Segment, Widowspeak: Mix engineer

MIUC: Live performance w/ Tom Baker

Beginners Luck (Short Film) Dir Matt Richards: Composer/Sound Design (Winner of “Best Sound Design” at the Lucky Film Festival in Leichhardt, Sydney)

Earthling (film)Dir. Diego Ramirez: Composer/Sound Design/Mixer


 Sleepwalker (Animation Short), Dir. Donna Yeatman: Composer/Dialogue Editor/Mixer

Burnt Out, The Toff in Town: Composer/Live performance

From Within, Dir. Patricia Piccinini: Assistant Sound Designer

First site Gallery Melbourne, (Exhibition) Zawa Zawa, A Survey of Emerging Melbourne Sound Art: Concept, 10 channel speaker system/sculpture.

No Good Deed (Short Film), Dir. John Tummino: Composer/Sound design/Dialogue Editor.

Side Show Alley Segment, Mark Seymour: Mix Engineer

Yeo:Home (Album): Engineer

Rain Dog (Short Film), Dir. Jordan Wippel: Composer/Sound Designer

Heart Shaped Bruises (Exhibition) First Site Gallery Melbourne, Diego Ramirez : Composer

Blast Shadow (Short Film),Youthworx Media, Dir. Rali Hamassalh, Prod. Robbie McEwan: Sound Designer/Mixer.

Yeo, Selma Blair (Music Video): Director/Editor.

Redacted Field 36 Gallery (Exhibition), Ryan Granger Sound/Georgina Matherson Photography: Composer

WheyFace Next wave 2012 (Theatre), Dir. Daniel Santangeli: Sound Designer

Williams Mix Extended, 8ch Diffusion Composition, Score by John Cage, Composed by Werner Dafeldecker and Valerio Tricoli: Creative Technician, Engineer

Racket 19, Miss Libertines: Composer/Live performance


What is Music festival? Circle Jerk, 100 speaker surround sound system, Revolt Art space: Artist/Curator/Engineer

Fighting For Air (Short Film), Dir. Fatima Mawas: Sound designer.

Transmit/Recieve (Mixed-Media Online Album): Ryan Granger, Adam Hunt, Max Milne, Claudio Tocco : Microphone / Editor /Composer

Red Dawn White Night (Animation Short), Dir. Juan Manotas Composer/Sound Design/Sound recordist

DirtyDeeds:(Shortfilm): Writer/Director/Composer

Sounds like Clay: Live multi-speaker diffusion performance.

Colourful Pandas (Television),Dir. Jennifer Yuxia: Sound Designer/Composer


Aww Jeez (Animation Short), Dir. Michael Greaney: Composer/Sound Design/Sound Recordist

Heart Valley (Animation short) Dir. Jennifer Yuxia: Composer/Sound designer

Measuring cup  (filmclip): Composer

To Choose in the Darkness (short film), Dir. Chas Fischer: Sound design/location recordist.


And the shadows com out to play (Theatre) Dir, Bec Kavanagh : Composer/performer

Mafia Horse Connection (Band) : Composer/performer

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