Acousmatic Installation

I am currently co-curating an exibition/Installation/performance with Adam Hunt for the end of the year at Dear Patti Smith Gallery in smith st Collingwood. We hope to have the installation in for the December roster.

Here’s what we propose in a nutshell. will update further as it progresses.

‘Circle Jerk’ is a sound art workshop questioning how we experience and engage with compositional process and immersive performance.

The 100-speaker installation at Revolt Artspace will facilitate workshops and performances by seven RMIT sound artists, each chosen for their different compositional approach and methodology. The design of the speaker system will respond to the spatial, tonal and aesthetic characteristics of the speakers, galleries acoustics and ergonomics. The facility will operate on a timeshare rota, in which individual performers will have the opportunity to privately explore the potentials of the system, as well as group sessions for technological and compositional discussions. These workshops will culminate into a two-night performance using the installation as a performance tool.

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