Exhibition for Band4Hope “No Vacancy” Gallery Melbourne.

Myself and Tom Baker have been busy little bee’s producing work, collecting voices and writing music to respond to the theme of hope. We have a four speaker installation presenting the work at “No Vacancy” Gallery in the QV building from thursday 14th till the 3rd March. It is for a great cause by amazing people called “Band4Hope”.


Thomas Baker and Ryan Granger are a sound art duo providing an immersive environment of inspired frequencies and tidings of hope. Tidings of Hope is a multi-channel sound installation composed of interviews with people of all walks of life concerning their past and future hopes. These excerpts are interwoven with threads of personal optimism into a sonic fabric that drifts upon a harmonic ocean. This movement is the breeze that animates the leaves of the Tree4Hope.


Photo 13-02-13 7 18 31 PM Tom Baker and Ryan Granger inside Playground Ideas Octopus The Band4Hope Project Media Launch Australia 2013 No Vacancy Gallery Exhibition QV Melbourne


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