Radish Opening night

Opening night went well at Seventh gallery last night, great turnout and compliments all round (to our face). It’s really looking and sounding great in there.

Diego Ramirez

Radish (Composition and sound design by Ryan Granger) is a performative project dealing with identity via an allegorical narrative of migration, seen through the warped lens of cult media. Focusing on the effects of cultural and psychological displacement, the work employs the idiosyncratic character of an anthropomorphic radish as a vehicle to explore the fractured identity of an imaginary migrant. The exhibition spans a quasi-cinematic single channel video, and documentation of a live performance in the CBD accompanied by the prosthetics and props employed to construct the radish character. Although by no means an anxiously personal or confessional narrative, the work is performed by the non-Australian artist and ponders on a facet of “foreignness”.

This project is supported by RMIT Link Arts & Culture.

on until the 17th of August

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