153 musicians for Bimblebox Nature Refuge

I have just completed my birdcall for an installtion to save the Bimblebox Nature Refuge in central-west Queensland from Clive parker, 153 musicians to record their interpretation of one of the calls of the 153 bird species.


we were asked to read the description and interpret the call, This is my Bird:

Black Falcon
Falco subniger
Call like that of Peregrine, but deeper, slower, ‘gaak-gaar-gaak-’, becoming a more excited ‘gak-gak-gak-’ if an intruder is near the nest tree. In sudden alarm a single ‘gaaark!’. Also gives a call quite unlike other falcons in courtship and display flights – a loud, high, sharp, scratchy ‘eeik-eeik’ every 3 to 5 sec. Morecombe

Here is my interpretation!!

it was made using a cymbal, a ratchet, a bowl of water, a thunder maker and a kalimba

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