Small Voices Louder.

I just spent a week at the Arts Centre melbourne rubbing shoulders with the bourgeois.

I was part of a development for Alex Desebrocks Project “small voices Louder”. Using a 2 part structure the project aims to bring the voices of the young to the ears of the adults. By asking a series of question in the part one stage through games and “tents” the young people answer questions such as “what os the difference between children and adults and ‘what does the world need to hear” etc which are recorded.

We worked on a way of using these recordings to show an adult audience the experience of the child. Its was great and i met some cool other Sound designers and audio gurus, Thom Browning, Robert Jordan and Sharyn Brand. We worked hard and got some really cool results. Only one fish died during the process, which was sad for all.

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