New Digs!!

Well I am very happy to have finally moved in and working at my new Sound design, composition and mixing suite for Dead on Sound​ at Oh Yeah Wow​ studios.

The room was designed from the ground up by acoustic engineer Sven Rechenberger and built by the capable hands of Steve Sikkema​. Huge thanks goes to Michael Trebilcock​ for his electrical nouse and hard work, Matt Ryan​ for his help in painting and finishing and Jodie Zomer​ for her excellent interior design package and taste. Special mention to Jake Louis Rush​ for introducing me to the build team.

Thanks to the Oh yeah wow crew, Darcy Prendergast​, Seamus Spilsbury​, Nicky Pastore​, Mike Greaney​, Josh Thomas​ for putting up with nearly three months of building and all plaster dust and noise etc etc, you guys rock!

But the biggest thanks goes to Jade Myconos​ for putting up with all the late nights and stress and all her excellent advice through the process.

Thanks to the academy!!

Currently working on some some exciting projects for the gang here including a pilot series called SupaPhresh conceived by Darcy for the Nickelodeon channel and a screen Victoria animation short for the talented Mr Greany. I am also working on the usual slew of corporate gigs etc I generally post about on my blog

I am looking forward to working with my friend and colleague Adam Hunt aka Neon Radio​ for many future projects.

Dead on sound

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