I have just finished an intense 6 week sound design and mix for a screen Australia web series called movement.

Unfortunately for us the location audio was in bad shape when we got the edits, poor mic placement on some episodes mixed with some other decent recording meant we had a mish mash and very inconsistent starting point. We invested heavily in IZotopes new RX 5 and Altiverb, as well as every ADR and editing trick we knew, lots of automation and some heavy handed Backgrounds to get it over the line, a very exhaustive process to say the least.


All in all though it is a good series, well conceived and written by Maria Angelico, Directed by Jessica Barclay Lawton and produced by Lucy Hayes.

We were lucky to get feet n frames on board for foley and Adam and I really pitched in to make it presentable to the world. I would say given the starting point i am happy with what we came up with, although it will never reach the height of my sound expectations.

All in all there is some very funny moments to be had in this show.



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