Recipe Exhibition

headphone wallI have installed the Exhibition for Kids own Publishing “Recipe four Community” at the St Heleirs Gallry in Abbotsford convent.  Artists Lauren Simmons and Wendy Golden will be adding to the install as the month progresses.


My work consists of three headphones each replaying a dissection of sounds gathered from material at the convent and manipulated by the participants across the workshop. The sounds are gathered from Voice, manufactured and natural elements.  Thereare also speakers playing back water sounds from the nearby Yarra river and voices from responses recorded for the recipe for community question.  It was a huge task to assemble the sounds and get them running for the installation, I did a basic hack of 2 DVD players to run 5.1 AC-3 files to playback the entire exhibition on timers so it would be automated and hassle free.

I am looking forward to seeing the other artists contributions and the final outcomes of this exhibition and am proud to have been asked to contribute and work with such a rich set of community members.

Good friend George Matherson will provide official documentation later this month.



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